3 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Rebrand

You’re probably reading this because you’re starting to think that your branding isn’t working for your business anymore, and wondering if it’s time to consider investing in a rebrand. Well I'm here to tell you that rebranding your business doesn't need to be stressful or scary. If done right, rebranding will reignite your passion for your business, realign your goals, mission, and values, and be an inspiring process and refreshing new start for you and your business, elevating it in a completely new way.

So here are three signs to look for, and some questions to consider, to help you discover if it's time to rebrand your business.


1. Your business goals and/or offerings have evolved.

It’s inevitable to grow and evolve over time. Your business goals, values, offerings, and ideal audience may change every few years, and that’s totally okay.

To make sure your brand is on track with where your business is today and who you’re trying to speak to, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my current brand align with my values and reflect my mission?

  • Does it speak directly to my target audience in a language they understand and relate to?

  • Does it reflect the quality of my products and/or the price-point of my services?

2. There’s a problem in your business that needs solving.

If you’ve noticed a problem in your business and tried to solve it on your own to little avail, it’s probably time to start exploring solutions that you can’t get on your own.

Here’s a question to consider: Have you been able to grow in the way that you want to or at the speed you want to?

Strategic design can solve your problem in a way that you haven’t tried, or haven’t been able to execute on your own.

3. You’re not connecting with your ideal audience.

A common problem businesses face as they grow and evolve is connecting with their ideal audience. Your branding needs to attract and align with your ideal audience. Your business solves a problem for them, and your brand should speak to their interests and values while showing the value you bring to their problems.

If you’re struggling to connect with your ideal audience one or all of these points, it may be time to take a good long look at your branding and the role it's currently playing in your business.

When you’re intentional with your branding and know on a deep level who your ideal clients/customers are, you will attract and connect with them in a very rewarding way.

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, it may be time to start thinking about rebranding your business to better reflect where you are today. Similarly, if any of these 3 signs sound like you, then you know it’s past time to rebrand.

Now that you’ve determined your business is misaligned or there's a serious problem you're not solving, by not rebranding you’re most likely hurting your business. A rebrand can and should give your business the fresh start it needs, will bring in new dream customers/clients and therefore increase your sales.

So while it may seem like an unwanted investment, think of rebranding as a beautiful and new opportunity to level-up and equip your business to grow into the next phase, which is all I want for you!

If after reading this, you’re considering rebranding but have some reservations, let’s have a chat to evaluate where you’re at in your business, and create a plan for your brand moving forward.

If you just want to uncover the problems in your business and get clarity around your ideal audience and how to better attract them, a strategy session and 25+ page roadmap for your business may be a better fit.

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