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Your customers buy with emotion. They buy designs that grab their attention and make them feel something. They buy designs with clear messaging that they understand. So let’s create beautiful and strategic branding and packaging for your conscious business that stands out and attracts those dream customers. Let's create a brand that clearly reflects your values, mission, and the solution you offer to your clients. 



Serving conscious businesses in the sustainability, health, and wellness industries as well as charities, non-profits, and local small-businesses.


Maybe your brand isn't connecting to your community in the way you'd like. Maybe you're just not sure how to move forward. I'm here to take an objective look and help you to fill in the gaps, so let’s talk it out! We’ll hop on the phone for an hour and evaluate where you, what your goals are, and what you can do to get there.



In this session we dig deep to get to root of your brand's personality. We'll work out the strategy behind your brand; your vision and goals, target audience, current challenges, unique selling points, and more, and put into place the inspiration for your brand visuals, setting a solid foundation for your brand's success.




We create custom brands with a wholistic process to set you up in the best position to succeed. A brand built with strategy and cohesion, that tells your story and attracts your target audience, elevating the overall experience people will have with your business and ultimately increasing your profits.



You've outgrown or feel unsatisfied with your current branding.


You’re having a difficult time reaching or connecting with your ideal audience.


You’re passionate about what you do and about working with a creative expert.


You’re an ethical business that likes our hand-crafted, strategic approach to design.

Want the details? Curious about the investment? 

Fill out the form below to get instant access to our packages and pricing guide for all the details on our services and what's included. 


Our holistic design process.

You should be proud of the business you've built, but without strategic branding you risk blending into the background. We want to help your business stand out with a purposeful brand that reflects your values and attracts your dream audience, helping your business thrive.


This is all about you, so we’ll start by learning everything about you and your business. We'll then work out the strategy behind your brand; your vision and goals, target audience, values, and more. This will set the foundation of your brand and the project.


I’ll take all of the information from the first phase and build on it to create a few different concepts for your brand, presented with mockups and supporting visuals so that you can really start to see your brand identity coming to life.


With one specific design direction in mind, and the logo complete, I’ll move into supporting brand elements and collateral pieces. We’ll continue refining until you're in love with every aspect of your new brand and can’t wait to share it.



By the end of our time together, you'll be confident in moving forward and launching your brand. I’ll provide you with brand guidelines, web training, a client resource portal, and support you during the initial launch. And I'll continue to cheer you on!



I am just head over heels for all that you designed, and thankful beyond words. Seeing this branding come together has really put fresh wind in my sails and helped me to have much more confidence in presenting myself to the world as a writer. I’m so glad to have met you and I truly hope that we will work together more in the future! It has been an absolute pleasure." – Jourdan Lamse



Do you offer payment plans or give refunds?

Of course! I understand that branding is a big investment and I want to make the entire process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. I typically require 50% upfront, to secure a spot in my calender, and 50% upon project completion, before handing over the final files. Another option is to pay a non-refundable 30% downpayment, to secure a spot in my calender, 35% at the start of the project, and 35% upon project completion, before handing over the final files. If you need a different payment plan, just ask! I do not offer refunds for the work that I've done. If the project is canceled, 30% of the total project cost is non-refundable, plus any number of hours that I've already spent working on your project.

I’m pretty busy, how much am I involved in the process?

For a full branding project, I ask that you fill out a questionnaire in the beginning of the process. This is important as it gives insight into your audience, goals, and gives us both direction in where your business branding should be headed. You will likely need to spend about 1-2 hours filling it in. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire we’ll schedule a strategy call to talk through the next steps. After this, you’ll spend about 15-30 minutes per week providing me with feedback and approving the designs so that we can move forward. I'll share your allotted timeline with you so you’ll know the exact dates you can expect to receive work from me, and when I’ll need feedback from you. As everything is pre-planned, I require timely responses from you so that I can deliver on schedule.

Can you create a logo for me without creating a whole brand identity?

A logo cannot express your full brand story and rarely stands alone, as it usually works with supporting elements such as fonts, colors, imagery, etc. to strengthen your brand’s message and create a consistent, established appearance across your business, setting you up for success for years to come. Having a visual identity will create a cohesive look for your business and will make it more successful, and I truly believe that it's worth doing right the first time, which is why I offer brand packages, and don't do just logos.

What if I need/want for something not listed in the services section above?

If you think that our missions align and that we’d be a good fit, and you want my help on your creative endeavors, I’d love to have a chat to discuss your project idea!

Do you offer copywriting?

I can help with a little bit of copywriting for a tagline or bits of messaging, but for website copy, info guides, or more extensive brand copy, I would advise hiring a copywriter separately, as that is not a service I offer. All copy is needed before design work can be done, so if hiring a copywriter is something you're interested in, note that you'll have to hire them before we can work together. If you need some suggestions, I can recommend two copywriters for you.

What do you need from me to get started?

So you want to get started, that's awesome! When you're ready to begin, fill out the form on my contact page and I'll respond within 2-3 business days, sending you an in-depth branding questionnaire, diving deep into your business goals, mission, and more. This questionnaire will be the foundation of your project! Once we get to know each other during the discovery call, and discuss your specific project needs, I'll send you a proposal, invoice for 50% downpayment (payment plans available), and contract so that I can get you set up in my calendar for my next available date to get started designing your project.

I already have a logo/brand, can I hire you to design my website?

I only offer web design to my clients who have gone through the Flourish Wildly branding experience, since we're not a web design firm, and have found that it makes a much better website when a strong brand is already in place.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I'm passionate about conciously-minded, eco-friendly business that care about our planet and care about others. I love working with businesses in the health and wellness industry, natural beauty, sustainable fashion or other sustainably-focused businesses, community programs, non-profits/not-for-profit, and charities. I also love to support my local Chattanooga small-businesses. If fit in one of these catagories, or something similar, please get in touch! I'd love to hear about your business.



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Giving back and protecting the world we love so much is a huge part of our values at Flourish Wildly, which is why we're in the process of becoming proud members of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% or more of all gross revenue to environmental NGO’s.


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