The Power of Illustration

As I sit here at a cafe in Asheville, NC, after a dreary morning spent wandering around the River Arts District, I can’t help but consider the pure magic of illustrations. The River Arts District alone has hundreds of artist’s studios, all of the buildings are covered in murals and graffiti, and creatives of all sorts wander the streets. So, I sit here thinking about the magic and power of illustration. Whether it’s a mural outside the shop, the cover of a magazine, or packaging on a bar of soap, the illustration always grabs my attention. I often end up buying the item, or seeking to learn more.


Using Illustrations for your business and why it's so powerful - a blog post by Flourish Wildly design studio

At it’s best, illustration catches your eye, gives additional information, tells a story, is delightful to look at, and leaves you wanting the thing, the experience, and more. At its worst, it does nothing more than catch your eye, while you move on with one more image in your head.

Whatever your business is, the chances are that your brand could use, and may even need illustration to take it to the next level. These are the 3 reasons why you should invest in illustration for your business to bring in more customers.

Illustration will bring your business… more business!

Illustrations help cut through the noise of your industry and leave a positive, lasting first impression on your potential customers. When you use illustration within your brand, your clients and customers (or potential customers) are five times more likely to remember your brand, and therefore more people are becoming customers and talking about your brand, bringing in even more new customers.

Unfortunately for you expert writers, it’s not words that initially catch people’s eyes and draw them in, it’s visuals – this is why visual advertising is so popular, and why visually engaging ads sell more. Using illustration and copy together can not only help get a message across or clarify your brand’s purpose, but it makes your products and business stand-out and connect with your audience more.

Illustration will clarify your brand message.

Our brains process images much faster than text. If your business has a story or a message that you want your customers and clients to know, illustration can tell that story in a quicker and more engaging way than just copy on a website. Also, visual messaging sticks out more in people’s minds. This is why illustrations make it easier for people to understand and engage with your brand message. So what better way to share your brand message with potential customers than beautiful and engaging illustrations that draw people in to learn more about your business?

Illustration will give you an edge over competitors.

You already know by now that illustrations will help to clearly communicate your message to those who support what you sell and/or do, and make your brand more memorable, but illustrations will also make your brand stand-out among competitors, giving you an edge over them.

Illustrations will also give you a more attractive and professional presentation. Think about the last few things that you spent money on; why did you buy that product or service? I buy most things because I either fully believe in the brand’s message and purpose, or because I am drawn to the beauty and experience of the brand’s illustrations and designs. The fact is, beautiful illustrations elevate and enrich the experience and/or product.

Whether this is good or bad, humans are naturally wired to equate beauty with goodness and quality. Illustrations are a great way to elevate your business and make it more attractive to those whom you’re trying to attract. Not only this, but it can also help your audience and potential customers understand your message and trust your business more.

Illustrations make people stop and pay attention, because humans love beautiful things, simply for their beauty. So, consider adding illustration to your branding to stop people in their tracks, to make them pay attention to your message and how you can help them, and to simply bring a little more beauty and joy into their day.

Want to clarify your brand message, attract your dream customers, and get noticed in a crowded marketplace by incorporating illustration into your brand?

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