Community Matters: Attracting Your Ideal Customers

Attracting your ideal customers is about more than visually standing out and having a helpful and original solution to a common problem – although that's where it all begins! Once you have a unique solution to a specific type of person's problem, you need to attract them! Attracting your ideal client’s is all about putting yourself and your business out into the world everyday, sharing your purpose and values, and creating an engaging community of like-minded people who are obsessed with what you do and how you helped them.


How to attract your ideal customers by building a community around your brand - Blog Post by Flourish Wildly design studio

Know Who They Are & Speak To Them

You might have a loose idea of who your ideal client is, but knowing loosely isn’t going to help. First and foremost, before you can go about attracting your ideal customers, you need to know exactly the kind of person that you want to attract, and the kind of person that your business can truly help. Once you know who they are, you can speak directly to that kind of person and create a brand to attract them. Here’s a few questions that I ask my branding clients to consider when thinking about their ideal customer:

Are they a certain age, gender, or demographic? What do they do, what is their income like? What do they value? What do they struggle with? What are their passions? What is their most basic problem that you have the solution for?

You can – and should – go much deeper than these few questions. The better you understand your ideal customers, the better you can attract, connect, and build relationships with them. Now is the time to create a brand identity and messaging around the values that you share, about their passions, and about the solutions that you offer to their problems. If you know who your ideal customers are, and understand what they struggle with, then you can personalize your visual brand identity and messaging to attract and better serve and provide solutions for them. It's nearly impossible to attract your ideal customer when you don't know who they are, or when your visual brand identity might be targeting a different group of people.

Tell A Great Brand Story

What’s your story? Your brand story is the emotional connection that you’ll make with your ideal customers. Consider your personal story, the why behind your business, and the message(s) that your business needs to communicate. This might be how you help your ideal customer, why you help, sharing your values, or something else. Having an emotional connection with your customers and potential customers is so important for growing your business and connecting with your audience.

Emotions play a large role in a persons decision making, and therefore, their buying habits. Your ideal customers are much more likely to buy from you and advocate for your business (even if they no longer need your service/product) if they connect to your brand story and values, and if you provided value or solved a problem for them.

Having a face behind the brand, someone for your ideal customers to connect with, is one benefit of being a small business. Use this to your advantage by sharing your personal story – why did you start this business? What are your passions and hobbies? Why do you like serving your target audience? Your ideal customers want to see you and get to know you. The more they feel like they know you or can connect and relate to you, the more they’ll want to connect with your business, and advocate for you. A good rule of thumb when considering your brand story is to keep it relatively consistent across all platforms by always relating back to three or four business values or personal interests.

Consistently Show Up & Provide Quality

Once you know exactly who your ideal customers are, and you have a better understanding of what your brand story is, figure out where your target audience is hanging out online or in person, and show up there! It takes time to build a community around your brand, and for your ideal customers to find you. This is why it’s super important to show up online everyday.

And while showing up consistently is important, you also need to engage with your ideal customers and provide free value wherever and whenever you can. Share information (tips and tricks, blog posts, inspiring quotes), educate your audience, and help to make their life better or easier. This is one of the major things that will help your target audience to become walking advocates for your business.

If you struggle with creating content every day, consider reusing content by turning a blog post into multiple posts for social media, reposting images from a few months back, or reposting content from your customers. Not everyone is seeing everything you post, so this is a great way to save a bit of time while providing value across as many platforms as possible.

Create Community Around Your Brand

Finding a way to create community around your brand can seem daunting, but it’s really not. People like to be a part of a community, especially if they value what that community is doing or supporting. If people are passionate about what your business is doing or what you’re all about, they will advocate for you by telling their friends and family, and referring you to people who are in need of what you have to offer.

Many businesses get 50% or more of their customers from past customers, so it’s important to remain top of mind (by showing up consistently), and providing a quality experience every time. I already touched on many great ways to build community around your brand; by sharing your values, interests, and your personal journey. If you’re relatable and consistently sharing your stories, people who relate to you or your journey will want to continue following along and watching your business grow. Lastly, if someone feels that you help them or provide value to them on a consistent basis, they’ll stick around to keep learning!

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How to attract your ideal customers by building a community around your brand - Blog Post by Flourish Wildly design studio
How to attract your ideal customers by building a community around your brand - Blog Post by Flourish Wildly design studio



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