Choosing the Right Designer for Your Business

There’s a lot of different elements that make up your business, and one of the most important elements is branding; the way others see your business. It makes sense that you need to be thoughtful in choosing someone to put your voice and personality into your business and collateral.

It can be difficult to find the perfect designer to execute your ideas and make them a reality, to create your vision for your new branding, product line, book cover, or seasonal campaign. So, here are some things to consider when choosing a designer that’s right for you.


How to choose the right designer for your business needs, a blog by Flourish Wildly design studio

Do they offer the service that you need?

The first thing to consider is whether or not they offer the service that you’re wanting to have done. If it’s listed on their website as something that they offer, great! If it doesn’t seem to be something that they offer, it could not be listed as a service for a number of reasons.

Perhaps they really don’t want to do that type of work (but they may make exceptions for the right price, or subject-matter if it’s something they relate too or are passionate about), they don’t have enough knowledge or experience on this type of project (in which case they may do it for a lower-budget in order to gain valuable experience), it’s not what they specialize in or what they want to be known for as a designer, or because they don’t have the correct resources.

Here are a few ways you can inquire about their prospective interest in your project:

  • Clearly state what the type of project it is (branding, web design, large-scale illustration, letterpressed cards, etc.).

  • Describe the project subject-matter, such as “web design for a small, locally-sourced perfumery,” or “ad selling our latest product line: zero-waste shampoo bars” This ensures that the designer knows exactly what type of company or product they’re being asked to design for. This is important to make sure that the project aligns with their values and the kind of work they want to do.

  • Include the style of work you’re looking for. For example, “bold, colorful, collage style” or “simple, with hand-drawn details” are two completely different styles, and will immediately inform the designer whether or not they’re the right designer to execute your project.

Does their work reflect the kind of work you want done?

When you look through their portfolio, do you see the kind of work you want to have done? Maybe you need an ad campaign; does the designer have a lot of ad designs or similar print work?

If the work on their portfolio is completely different than yours in subject-matter, style, and project-type, it probably isn’t worth reaching out to them. But, just because they may not have ad work (for example) in their portfolio, doesn’t completely mean they wouldn’t be interested or a good fit, it’s just worth considering more. Do they still have the style that you’re looking for? It might still be worth reaching out.

Does their style reflect the personality of your business?

This is probably the number 1 thing to consider when looking for a designer for your business. Many designers specialize in a specific style that you see repeated throughout their work, and therefore, do this style better than most. If you’re looking for a style that isn’t theirs, they may not have any experience and therefore may not know how to execute your project in the best way for you.

Working in styles that aren’t familiar can introduce many problems that need to be troubleshooted and may take a lot longer, therefore costing you a lot more for work that you may not be as satisfied with if you had gone with a different designer who’s works reflect what you want in the first place.

Do they believe in your business values or project message?

This is something that’s often – but not always – important to the designer. If a designer is passionate about what you do or who you are, they will be so much more enjoyable to work with, and probably have a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, why, and a better understanding of your audience, than someone that doesn’t care about what your business is all about.

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How to choose the right designer for your business needs, a blog by Flourish Wildly design studio
How to choose the right designer for your business needs, a blog by Flourish Wildly design studio



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