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TIME FRAME: 8-10 weeks 

You know what it is. Websites are so, so important, and it's just as important that your online home reflects your new, beautiful brand. This package is for those who want a cohesive look in all areas of their business, providing you with an elevated experience across all interactions with your business, and ultimately increasing your profits. This package includes the Strategy Session, custom visual branding, as well as a custom-built, basic SEO optimized, and mobile-responsive website. 


+ In-Depth Brand Strategy Session
(2+ hour call & 25+ page strategy document)

+ Creative Direction & Mood Board

+ Logo Suite (Primary and Secondary Logos)

+ Submarks

+ Color Palette 

+ Font Suggestions

+ Custom, SEO Optimized, responsive Website

+ Social Media and Email Integration

+ Website Platform Training 

+ Full Support during the process

+ 1-Month Post-Launch Support

+ And more, depending on your needs


Clarity Call


TIME FRAME: 1 hour 

You're passionate about what you do, you want to make an impact in the world and serve your community, but you're not reaching them, or connecting with them in the way you'd like. You're not sure if you are missing something or if you’re on the right track, or maybe you just need clarity on your branding or how you should be speaking to your audience.


I've been where you are, and sometimes, we’re just too close to our own work. I'm here to take an objective look and help you to fill in the gaps.


During our brand clarity call, we can cover things like your current audience, how your brand and/or website is serving (or not serving) you, marketing strategies, and more. We’ll evaluate where you, what your goals are, and what you can do to get there.


1. Book a session with me, Brittany Lawson. I'll follow-up confirming the call and sending you a small questionnaire and invoice to fill out before our call.

2. We'll hop on Zoom and dive into your current brand, business, and goals.

3. We'll finish the call with three action steps to help you make the biggest impact in your brand and business - getting you three steps closer to reaching your goals.


Strategy Session


TIME FRAME: 1 week 

Similar to the Brand Clarity Call, but in wayyy more depth. In this session we dig deep to get to root of your brand's personality. We'll work out the strategy behind your brand; your vision and goals, target audience, values, voice, current challenges, unique selling points, messaging, and more, and put in place inspiration for your brand visuals. This will set a solid foundation for your brand to succeed.


+ 2 hour+ strategy call with Brittany

+ 25+ page custom Brand Strategy document that maps out where you are in your industry and how to move forward

+ Custom visual branding direction based on your unique brand strategy, including moodboard, suggested fonts and color palettes


Custom Branding


TIME FRAME: 4-6 weeks 

We create custom brands with a wholistic process to set you up in the best position to succeed. As part of this process, we start all branding projects with a Strategy Session (described above). We'll then take all of the information from the strategy and build on it to create your visual brand. If you're ready to invest in a strategic, cohesive brand that tells your story and attracts your target audience, elevating the overall experience people will have with your business and ultimately increasing your profit, then this is for you.


+ In-Depth Brand Strategy Session
(2+ hour call & 25+ page strategy document)

+ Creative Direction & Mood Board

+ Logo Suite (Primary and Secondary Logos)

+ Submarks

+ Color Palette 

+ Font Suggestions
+ And more, depending on your needs


A La Carte


+ Business Cards 

+ Stationery Templates 

+ Thank-You Note, Postcard, Label, etc.

+ Custom Designed PDF

+ Brochures and Magazines 

+ Menu Design 

+ Packaging 

+ Signage 

+ Marketing Material


+ Graphics for Instagram/Twitter/Facebook 

+ Blog graphics

+ Instagram highlight covers

+ Favicon and/or Icons

+ Mailchimp Template

+ Custom Illustration

Once your brand and website are built out, your business might need additional graphic design support...

Looking for something else? Have recurring design needs like annual reports, guides, or other PDF resources? I want to make sure your specific business needs are met, and I know that varies from client-to-client. Any of these services can be added to the brand packages, booked separately, or added as a retainer service.


+Magazines, Annual Reports, Wholesale Guides, Interactive PDFs, and more.

+ Marketing Collateral
Posters, Brochures, Marketing and Ad Campaigns, PDF Documents, etc.
+ Book & Magazine Design 

Cover, Page Layout

+ Restaurant Collateral

Menus, Marketing, Signage, etc.

+ Mural Installation
+ Posters & Flyers
+ Icon Sets
+ Spot Illustration
+ Editorial (cover and/or interior spread)
+ Book Cover Illustration
+ Album Artwork



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